3 Steps to a Strong Visual Identity

Your visual identity tells customers and prospects who you are and what your about. What they see in a glance can from a lasting impression about you, or maybe worse, no impression at all.

Take control of their perceptions of you by managing how you present your company.

BigThunk advice for creating a visual identity

Create an Impression

When you, personally, make an appearance at say a networking event, those in attendance will form an impression of you based on how you present yourself. Do you look professional? Do you speak confidently?

Likewise, your customers and prospects will form an impression of your company based on how it appears. Take charge of that impression:

  • Choose a set of colors that represent your values, and standardize on them. (You can find the meaning of various colors here and a more comprehensive discussion of color psychology here)
  • Settle on typography that enhances your message
  • Incorporate shapes, symbols, and designs that reinforce your value proposition

Ideally, your logo should be strong enough to form the basis of your visual identity lending colors, symbols and even typography to the cause. Don’t be too literal and avoid clipart at all costs

Make It Memorable

A memorable visual identity, one that is easily recognized and associated with you, will set you apart from your competition giving you a leg up as you try to gain mindshare. To create a  memorable visual identity:

  • Choose a theme and colors that differs from those typically used in your industry
  • Be a bit daring with your design
  • Surprise and delight your customer base

Above all, your visual identity should resonate with your target audience. It should motivate them to your prospects to consider doing business with you.

BigThunk advice for creating a visual identity
BigThunk advice for creating a visual identity

Apply It Consistently

You should apply your recognizable visual identity across all of your marketing materials including your:

  • Sign and business cards
  • Website, ads and marketing emails
  • Brochures, pamphlets, leave behinds and other collateral materials including your work documents and even product packaging

While the detailed implementation of your visual identity may vary for each item based on their form factors and other specifics, they should all coordinate. They should look like they are each part of a family which identifiably belongs to you.

Our portfolio shows how BigThunk has helped its clients develop and consistently apply their visual identities.

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