Create a Powerful Company Brand

Your company brand signals your value proposition to customers and prospects before you arrive, and helps them remember what you’re about after you depart. It has to be meaningful and memorable.

Manage your customers’ perceptions by designing and executing a thoughtful brand strategy.

Let BigThunk design a distinctive business logo as part of your company brand

Create Instant Impact with Your Logo

Sure, your logo consists of your company name and some shape or image. But it can and should be so much more. It can be a powerful symbol that signals all your company does. It will be the basis of the immediate impression you create with prospects and how effectively they recognize and remember you.

Design your logo so that it:

  • Is instantly recognizable as representing your company, its products and values
  • Symbolize what your company does, and how it does it
  • Is strong enough to form the basis of your brand and visual identity

You’re going to use your logo on signage, your website and marketing materials, clothing and all manner of branded merchandise. It should be designed to look good and work well wherever it is used. It may be necessary to create multiple versions, so that it looks good over both light and dark backgrounds, for instance.

Take Advantage of Your Tagline

Not all companies have or need a tagline. But a clever tagline can create awareness with prospects and maintain mindshare with customers – critical success factors for a new company, a new product, or a new market.

Your tagline should:

  • Encapsulate your offering and value proposition
  • Capture the imagination
  • Be short, distinctive and memorable

That’s a tall order for a simple phrase. Many companies find it worth the effort however, as a great tagline can have a direct impact on the bottom line. Be careful though – a bad tagline can have the opposite result.

Let BigThunk create a memorable tagline as part of your company brand
Let BigThunk create a powerful brand for your company

Your Brand is So Much More

The best companies understand that their company brand is more than the summation of their logo, tagline, website and collateral material. It includes the impression that customers gather through all their interactions with the organization, including:

  • The design and order of company properties – offices, stores, vehicles and so on
  • The dress, personal style and demeanor of staff
  • The quality and efficacy of customer service interactions

The best companies give careful consideration to these brand aspects and more to ensure they consistently reflect the values and norms customers should associate with their organization.

BigThunk can help

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