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BigThunk Internet Marketing can make you a hero

Unleash Your Business with BigThunk Internet Marketing

BigThunk  delivers Internet marketing services to help businesses attract prospects, engage customers, and grow revenue. BigThunk clients benefit from top-notch websites, email marketing, social media and search programs at costs that make sense for them.

Business Experience

Different from many website designers, BigThunk uses its  business experience to help its clients understand and portray their business model and value proposition.

Marketing Acumen

Unlike typical website developers, BigThunk applies marketing principles to its client websites and emails creating engaging customer experiences that deliver business results.

Design Flair

And of course, your business will benefit from a design flair that is uniquely BigThunk‘s. Check our our website portfolio to see our creativity in a variety of styles.

Services for Smaller Businesses

In support of you business, BigThunk can:

  • Create or redesign your website and optionally maintain it
  • Develop and run an email marketing program
  • Determine and establish an appropriate social media presence
  • Ensure your business is appropriately listed in online directories
  • Develop and run a search engine marketing (Google AdWords) program
  • Show you how to use analytics to improve your Internet marketing

Services for Larger Businesses

BigThunk can assist you with:

  • Assessment of your eBusiness capabilities
  • Assessment of your digital marketing capabilities including email marketing and social media
  • Assessment of your web and multi-channel analytics capabilities
  • Development of strategies, roadmaps, and organizational models
  • Development of digital marketing and email marketing programs
  • Overseeing execution of digital marketing and email marketing programs including vendor selection
  • Development of eBusiness IT programs
  • Overseeing execution of eBusiness IT programs including vendor selection

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