The BigThunk Team


Dave Calibey, part of the BigThunk team
For over a decade I’ve been helping business people understand and capitalize on the opportunities afforded them by the Internet. Over that time I’ve come to recognize that good business people have the instincts and experience necessary to succeed in the online world.

You already know how to:

  • Attract prospects,
  • Build relationships, and
  • Care for your customers.

Otherwise your business wouldn’t be successful. Well, now some portion¬†of some of those activities should take place online.

Together we can figure out what portion, build a plan, and get it done so that you can start reaping the business benefits you may be leaving on the table today.

Because you’re a good business person you’re probably going to want to know a bit more about me. You can read the drier details on my LinkedIn page.


Sky Calibey, part of the BigThunk team
Raised in the Internet age and imbued with entrepreneurship, Sky helped found BigThunk over a summer break and now is a principle in the firm and an essential part of the BigThunk team. In addition to an inherent understanding of all things web and an exceptional customer-service attitude, Sky is versed in the tools of the trade:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords
  • GreenRope integrated marketing

And if you don’t have the pleasure of working with Sky as principle of BigThunk, you might still be able to catch him as the lead guitarist of Grinning Dog.

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