eBusiness Consulting

BigThunk Consulting Services

Digital marketing and eBusiness consulting from BigThunk is founded on three core principles:

  1. eBusiness is first and foremost about the business
  2. Digital marketing is well within your capabilities
  3. There’s a path forward that you can afford

eBusiness is about business

Companies that have successful eBusiness and digital marketing endeavors:

  • Anchor them with their business strategies
  • Weave them into their business models
  • Integrate them with their marketing efforts
  • Expect returns for their efforts and measure results accordingly

You can do this

You may be unfamiliar with some of the terminology and concepts, but you can get this – it’s not rocket science. The tools are better and easier to use. And, if you don’t have the time or inclination to figure it out and do it yourself, firms like BigThunk can do it for you.

It’s affordable

There’s always an expensive way to go. But with third-party tools, new capabilities like cloud computing, and a wealth of niche service providers, it’s possible to make things happen on a modest budget. BigThunk can help you figure out how to get started affordably, measure the effectiveness of your efforts, and grow based on the returns they generate.

eBusiness Consulting from BigThunk

What are you waiting for? Get Thunked! BigThunk can help you:

  • Figure out what makes sense for you to do
  • Put a plan in place to do it
  • Get it done to obtain business results

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