Olympic Marketing Lessons

Olympic Marketing Lessons: The Balance Beam

Balance Beam
Most of us can’t do a flip even on a trampoline. The idea of doing a double cartwheel to a backward flip with two-and-a-half twists and sticking the landing on a four inch wide beam . . . well, it might as well be something out of The Matrix. In fact, it kinda is.

Their abilities are a result of talent and training. Hours and years of intense practice, devotion, and depravation. But there’s more to it. It takes intense focus and a strong belief that it can be done. Belief that they themselves can do it. Read More


Olympic Marketing Lessons: Beach Volleyball

Olympic Beach Volleyball
Two playing as one. Serve, block, dig. set, spike. Repeat. Two with matched skills in uncertain terrain. Hot, deep, loose, cold, hard, wet. Two with one purpose. Wed in complementary motion.

Practice begets precision. Coaching begets synchronization. But what about the no-look passes? The over-shoulder set to an unseen partner? The diving dig to the one place where success could be had; where her partner will be? What begets that? Read More


Olympic Marketing Lessons: The Rings

Still Rings
As kids in the playground we used to swing on the rings. The talented among us could perform a “cat’s cradle”, flip their feet back over their heads while hanging from the rings until they almost touched the ground, suspend a moment, and then return. We thought that was fantastic.

We never imagined the incredible strength it takes to perform on the gymnastic rings. Strength, flexibility, gymnastic prowess, and strength. Yes, I mentioned strength twice. Read More


Olympic Marketing Lessons: The Hurdles

Hurdles Thumb
Run. Jump. Run. Jump. Yes, hurdling is about speed and form. Run fast and clear the hurdle with perfect form. Do those things repeatedly and you’ll be successful at the hurdles. Right?

Not So Fast

There’s one other element, perhaps the most important one – cadence. A good hurdler will run faster and jump ever more cleanly within a pattern that works for her. The same number of steps between each hurdle. The launch foot in the same place relative to each hurdle. Repetition refined. Deviation invites disaster. Read More


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