6 P’s to a Perfect Elevator Pitch

How to Make an Impact in 30 Seconds

6 P’s to a Perfect Elevator PitchThose of us who regularly attend networking meetings often get the opportunity to present ourselves and our businesses in either 30 or 60 second “elevator pitches.” Having both observed and participated in these exercises for years, I’ve accumulated the following practices that will help anyone perfect their pitch.

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Improve Your 5 Minute Presentation

Making a Good Impression with Your 5 Minute Presentation

3 Ways to Improve Your 5 Minute PresentationMany of us attend networking meetings where we routinely give our 30 or 60 second elevator pitches. Occasionally, we have an opportunity to give a 5 minute presentation. Here are 3 ways to reach your audience in those 5 minutes, and one approach to avoid Read More


SEO Tune-Up Part One

Tune Up
Its a question as old as time: “How do I get to the front page of Google?”

Okay, so its not that old, and maybe thats part of the problem. Making the front page of Google doesn’t seem to align with the same marketing instincts and intuitions of old. So when we tell people that all Google is doing when you search a phrase such as “Auto Mechanic” is digging up relevant search results, they begin to feel exasperated: “My garage has been open for 20 years, what do you mean I’m not relevant?”

Okay, let’s get to the bottom of this.

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What to Expect from Your Homepage

It should make your visitors want to do business with you

Home Icon Thumb
You may not have thought much about it, but your counting on your homepage has to do a lot for you. And given the impatience of most Internet users, it has very little time in which to accomplish its mission.  Read More


A Simple Way to Create Your Value-Proposition Statement

What is Your Business’ Value Proposition?

Genuine Quality thumb
You should be able to express your value proposition in a succinct statement that defines your business to prospective customers. Here’s a simple way for you to develop a value-proposition statement if you don’t already have one. Read More


The Importance of Google Places for Small Businesses

Show Up on the Map

Google Places thumbWhether you have a physical location or not, you should use a Google Places account to increase your chances of being found online. Read More


Swing for the Fences with Your Internet Marketing

As the “Boys of Summer” play on into fall, lets examine what baseball’s basic skills can teach us about Internet marketing. Read More


Let the Wookie Win – Social Media Lessons from Star Wars: A New Hope

image from Star Wars: A New Hope 

Aboard Han Solo’s famous ship, The Millennium Falcon, R2-D2 is on the verge of besting Chewbacca in a board game when C-3P0 delivers the advice: “Let the Wookie win.” Though the droid possesses superior intelligence, the larger, more menacing, and decidedly shaggier Wookie has game-deciding power.

If you adhere to the lessons revealed in the movie Star Wars: A New Hope, you need not follow 3P0’s advice when it comes to marketing in the daunting social media space. Read More


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