Ebusiness Strategy

4 Steps to Map a Digital Strategy

Creating a digital strategy, or any strategy for that matter, is a lot like planning a vacation trip. You need to:

  1. Know where you want to go,
  2. Know where you are,
  3. Understand what separates you from your destination, and
  4. Determine how to get there from here.
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Ebusiness Strategy

4 Business Uses for Social Networking

To foster relationships you interact with your customers where they naturally congregate.  Now that also happens on social networking sites where you can:

  1. Establish, promote, or protect your brand
  2. Become known for thought leadership
  3. Prospect for leads and generate sales
  4. Conduct service and fulfillment
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3 Reasons to Embrace Analytics Now

You run your business by the numbers but marketing analytics seem tougher. Fortunately, three trends are making them easier and more economical:

  1. It’s migrating to the cloud
  2. Data can be accessed directly
  3. Powerful tools are simpler to use
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