Olympic Marketing Lessons: The Rings

Still Rings
As kids in the playground we used to swing on the rings. The talented among us could perform a “cat’s cradle”, flip their feet back over their heads while hanging from the rings until they almost touched the ground, suspend a moment, and then return. We thought that was fantastic.

We never imagined the incredible strength it takes to perform on the gymnastic rings. Strength, flexibility, gymnastic prowess, and strength. Yes, I mentioned strength twice.

But in a competition where every gymnast can accurately perform the iron cross, a back kip to a handstand, and a backuprise planche, what distinguishes the best from the rest?


When the top gymnasts hold the strength elements for the required two seconds, the rings don’t move. They don’t swing. They don’t even quiver. (In fact the apparatus used to be commonly called the still rings.)

The very best do this with calm, quiet countenances. Nary a grimace will betray the enormous effort required. The very best eliminate all distracting noise from the grace and power of their routines. Nothing detracts from the beauty of each element.

So it should be with your marketing Designs

Each marketing piece, whether a web page, a brochure, or an email, should have and intended audience a primary objective relevant to that audience, and a design that focuses attention on that objective. Don’t distract me with competing headlines, or draw my eye with extraneous movement. Don’t compete for my attention with misplaced graphics and excessive calls to action.

Do your marketing pieces have beauty, strength, and focus? Or do they grimace?

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  1. Hi Dave,

    I Absolutely LOVE your website!! These ‘Lessons’ and the analogies are EXCELLENT!!!!

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