Olympic Marketing Lessons: The Hurdles

Hurdles Thumb
Run. Jump. Run. Jump. Yes, hurdling is about speed and form. Run fast and clear the hurdle with perfect form. Do those things repeatedly and you’ll be successful at the hurdles. Right?

Not So Fast

There’s one other element, perhaps the most important one – cadence. A good hurdler will run faster and jump ever more cleanly within a pattern that works for her. The same number of steps between each hurdle. The launch foot in the same place relative to each hurdle. Repetition refined. Deviation invites disaster.

The best hurdlers go further. They feel the rhythm of the race. They dance the course. They apply art to process.

So It Should Be With Your Marketing Communications

Beyond inviting subject lines and relevant content, cadence is key. Communicate with me too frequently and I’ll tune you out. Not frequently enough and you’re not on my mind.

How do you know the right cadence? Just like a hurdler you have to practice, measure, and refine. And also like a hurdler who needs different cadences for the 100 meter and 400 meter hurdles, you likely need different cadences for different segments of your audience.

Do you feel the rhythm?

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