Olympic Marketing Lessons: The Balance Beam

Balance Beam
Most of us can’t do a flip even on a trampoline. The idea of doing a double cartwheel to a backward flip with two-and-a-half twists and sticking the landing on a four inch wide beam . . . well, it might as well be something out of The Matrix. In fact, it kinda is.

Their abilities are a result of talent and training. Hours and years of intense practice, devotion, and depravation. But there’s more to it. It takes intense focus and a strong belief that it can be done. Belief that they themselves can do it.

Do You Believe?

There are the slight errors and balance checks that gymnasts suffer when they lose focus. There’s also the dramatic unravelling that occurs when they lose belief in themselves. Lack of focus undermines training, causes errors, and can bring on a crisis of confidence.

The best consistently approach the beam with strength, agility, unwavering belief and intense focus. They make it look easy.

So It Should Be With your Marketing Campaigns

Successful campaigns also have intense focus. Intense focus on message, design, timing, intended audience, business goal, and result.

The best marketers are able to combine these elements into a campaign that has its own beauty and grace. A campaign that, though complex in its construction, seems natural and engaging to the audience, easy yet powerful to the business. A campaign that sticks the landing with measurable business results.

Do your campaigns stick the landing?

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