Back to School: The ABCs of Web Analytics

With the end of Summer comes the new school year for students and op planning for businesses. Most companies will include website metrics as they review results and forecasts to lock in their budgets for the next year. So here’s a primer on a few best practices for web analytics.


A. Analysis

While it may seem obvious, you’d be surprised how many web analytics department churn out and dump data on their business partners without accompanying interpretation and analysis. A well-established analytics area will help the business develop key performance indicators, unearth trends and explain variances. They will independently anticipate, research and answer business questions that the data generate.

Does your web analytics team only provide you with spreadsheets and canned reports or do they assist you to understand how your online presence is impacting your business?

B. Business

Gone are the days where web metrics could be reasonably reported upon in an vacuum. Businesses need to know more than unique visitors counts and email open rates.

Do leads generated through email marketing close at higher rates than those generated from the outbound call center? Do website sales have a higher return rate than stores sales? Does service provided through online chat create higher levels of customer satisfaction? Is it more efficient?

Now that their online presence is integral to their business, companies need the answers to questions like these. They need their business data to be combined with their web metrics to really understand the efficacy of their online capabilities and the value of their eBusiness investments.

C. Cloud

In the past, to make use of web analytics it was necessary to provide your own technology infrastructure, – essentially servers and their support. No longer. Data analytics vendors now offer compelling cloud-based solutions that not only lower your total costs with scalable and highly-available services, they offer powerful analytical tools that are accessible from any device and location.

You owe it to yourself to at least look into some of these newer services to see if the can save your company money while making it more efficient.


Okay. Pencils down. How does your company do on the ABCs? Are you doing well or do you need to go back to school? Let me know by commenting below.

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